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“I met Rabbi Jenny 13 years ago. At the time, I was an intern and she was the Director of Spiritual Care at a renowned treatment facility. I watched her walk into every situation with kindness and treat everyone with acceptance and grace. The program we worked for treated all ages, was multi-cultural and non-denominational. Rabbi Jenny was admired and respected by staff and clients alike. As I got to know her I became awe-inspired. She constantly exuded spirituality and attracts people to faith. Years later, I asked her to join me on my journey as my spiritual coach and counselor for my deeper life questions. She blew my mind with her knowledge and challenged me at every turn. I highly recommend Rabbi Jenny.”

Meaghan Stewart-Rosenthal, MS, LMHC

We all need someone to help us move to the next level or to understand better why we are experiencing events or situations in our lives. This is your time to explore what’s going on for you, provide insights, and expand your awareness for your growth and healing.

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