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Angelic DNA Healing

“When I worked with Rabbi Jenny using the Angel DNA healing modality, I was led carefully and systematically into an altered state. There was guidance from Archangel Michael, and there was an Egyptian lifetime when I was wrapped as a mummy, but the thing that was most impactful was the intensity of the experience. I have done a lot of work on myself for many years, so had no expectations that a single session would be so significant, but I was surprised. The emotional release was deeply cathartic. Even though I chose to work on something that was not my deepest issue, she still led me to my most significant work. I felt a release that has stayed with me, and Moved my life in lighter and more peaceful direction  I am very grateful and pleased. Thank you!”
-K. Windchild, Artist Delray Beach, FL

Angelic DNA Healing

Are you wanting to clear out limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life?  Is it time to replace the old patterns of thinking with brand new beneficial positive ones?  Are your emotions getting the best of you? Have you tried everything and keep looking for something new to try?  If so, Angelic DNA Theta Healing can help you in transmuting your feelings, emotions and beliefs into a renewed state of mind and spirit in order to reach your true potential.  It is a holistic approach working with Divine Source and Archangel Michael that will improve your life in many ways. This technique is a process where the theta brainwave is accessed by a theta meditation where instant change can occur.  It has been known to give an experience where healing can change fear, stress, anxiety and any other limiting belief from the subconscious mind and replace it with positive beliefs and emotions. It really is that easy!!!!  During a session, you will enter into a state of complete relaxation where Creation’s energy will enter your physical being. Conversation about the issues will reveal certain thought patterns that have kept you trapped. With the help of the Angelic Energy these thought patterns are shifted on an energetic level.

We all can identify with the beliefs, emotions and feelings that are keeping us back from reaching our true potential to become self-empowering.  Do you want to live the life you have always dreamed of? If so, you will want to discover, without reliving them, the root causes of the negative experiences and emotions you have and release them to Creator of All That Is/Divine Source/Higher Self.  Once the obstacles have been resolved, the transformations in your life will result in manifesting exactly what you have always dreamed of.

Angelic DNA Theta Healing is a powerful healing modality which can help you heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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